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The ROTORMAST controller is the heart of the V22 Osprey. The result of three years of research and development. A small black box, computes inputs from three gyroscopes in each dimensional axis, nacelle angle, rotor head speed and pilot commands all in real time, making this ship easy to fly at any speed or nacelle angle. Sophisticated high-speed CPU and algorithms respond in milliseconds to changed conditions. In fact, the V22 is easier to fly and more stable than most RC helicopters. Three dimensional AVCS gyroscopes along with counter rotating blades make the V22 Osprey incredibly stable, with seamless conversions. Sophisticated controller allows use of a standard 7 channel helicopter radio supporting 90 deg swashplate program (no special transmitter mixing necessary). A user friendly PC Software interface makes programming and adjustments easy, using a standard USB-Cable.


A 7 channel transmitter and receiver is all that's required to control the V22 Osprey. The radio is set up in 90° swashplate mode, Servo reversing, throttle curves, pitch curves and travel range adjustments are the only transmitter programming necessary. A 7th channel is used for controlling nacelle CONVERSION angle, proportional control of this channel is nice but not necessary. The remainder of the setup is inside the V22 controller, via the USB interface with a PC. Most controller settings are factory set, but are available for the experimenters in all of us.

How it works

The V22 Osprey does not have any control surfaces like a regular airplane. To reduce complexity, all control forces are generated by the rotorheads in airplane and helicopter mode. This allows precise control at low airspeeds and during conversions. Control response is accurate and strong at all times. A conversion time of 9 seconds brings the ship from full speed flight to a controlled and stable hover with ease.

The V22 Osprey does not use Nick, Roll and Pitch like a single rotor helicopter. Only 2 cyclic servos per side are necessary for swashplate control. Taking advantage of the distance between the main rotor shafts, roll function is accomplished with differential collective pitch reducing the total number of cyclic servos to just one more than any CCPM helicopter. The V22 "fly-by-wire" system, calculates the appropriate position for each servo based on pilot commands, gyro inputs, and conversion angle to keep pitch, roll and yaw inline with the body at all times.

The V22 in its profile version has a power to weight ratio comparable to any 450 size 3D machine . With a theoretical power output of over 900 Watts and a TOW of barely 2.5kg (5.5 lbs), 3D maneuvers similar to any CCPM acrobatic helicopters are possible. The airframe is well constructed to withstand the large forces generated by each engine at the wing tips. The transmission system is designed to cope with 500 size motor loads for security.


The V22 Osprey comes with the latest technology in lightweight yet stunning scale accuracy with its fiberglass fuselage, wings, tails, spinners and nacelle covers. Based on accurate construction data with CNC milled plugs, the V22 body is comparable to any high end scale model made today. Precision molded panels lines, accurate transparencies and an authentic CV-22 paint scheme make this model competition ready right out of the box. Additionally, in the near future scale; retracts, cockpit, lighting and sound system will be made available.

Be different. Be Rotormast.

We are well aware that we are entering the new area of RC modeling, both in means of scale RC flight and RC control systems. A complete new field of VTOL systems will become available through our technology. We invite you to join us on our journey of technical possibilities, not yet dared in the RC world.

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