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I have just flown my S/No 14 V22. It has been one year since I received the kit. Just slack. It was a real pleasure and thank you Tom for all the help you have given me along the way. I will fly it at a scale event here in Adelaide in two weeks. I am now looking forward to getting the scale undercart for it and putting the scale body on, Then I will change my signature photo to this model.
Posted By: William Kent
Model Heli pilot 30 years, Just flew V22 S/N 14. WOW Phot is of plastic kit built for inspiration, Adelaide Australia
Fantastic flying model! This is now my favorite. Tom is great to work with, excellent customer support. Very happy with my purchase. The Rotormast V-22 is a must have!
Posted By: Bryce Watson
tom...great aircraft,just enjoyed firs flight, I just needed to pay attention to the instructions that by the way are complete in every detail (superb) and it flyes with a WOW factor hard to beat.

thanks for all your help and support,there is no price on that.

Larry Zedan
El Salvador
Central America
Posted By: Larry Zedan
El Salvador
Thanks to Tom for this great design he gave to us as well as the very fast response when having questions. Will have a lot of fun with it.
Last action before beeing airborne is now to adjusted the speed of both rotors...
Posted By: Norbert Schürz
Sales manager, also remote controlled V-22-designer (jet-engine, Scale 1:9), Austria / Europe
Hi you Tiltrotor freaks,
I am interested in acquiring this model. However, I much more would appreciate the elegant AW609 (BA609) fuselage design. Do you intend to bring this fuselage at the same scale onto the market?
Your response is highly welcome.
Kind regards.

Jo, Some day, if they ever get the real one in production
Posted By: Jochen Weder
Germany, Munich region
Tom, thanks for bringing that outstanding piece of aircraft history to the RC community finally. Your comprehensive manuals, videos and personal advice helps even non-RC-pros to bring the Osprey in the air safe.

Did my maiden flight this week and it flies stable and controllable all the time, tearing all the attention of folks around due to the unique shape and twin-rotor design. Will soon install the scale body and retracts to be ready to show off at some scale events next season!

All the best from Zurich, Switzerland!

Posted By: Pascal
Zurich, Switzerland
I am interested in purchasing an Osprey scale model, but am puzzled that this website has no ability to make contact other than this method. Is the product available? Where can I contact someone to get details?
W. Stewart Tittle
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601
Posted By: W. Stewart Tittle
Klamath Falls, Oregon
I've had a few teething pains, but this aircraft is turning out to be one of my favorites. I put flight 14 on it today and did two brief runs in full airplane mode. Tom tells me I'm the first customer to do this, which surprised me a bit.

Talk about surprising, that first full conversion to airplane mode was a rush. I had to fly around in helicopter mode a bit just to calm down so I could try it again. The second time went much smoother. I think I still need a bit of adjustment on the pitch governor, but it’s real close.

I’m really looking forward to getting the scale fuse on it and showing it off!

Thanks Tom!
Posted By: Ken Simmons
I have waited a long, long time (since I seen the first small article on the XV-15 in 88 ) and as many of you know I have tried many version of my own and believe you me this kit was worth waiting for !!!!

I put a total of 8 flights on my bird before I was socked in with winter snow and cold and some of those were in snow and windy conditions and it handles the wind very good.

The first flight was so comfortable that I started to play with the conversion lever a little towards the end . I have owned about every tandem helicopter out there and this bird is far above any of them as far as being easy to fly and capable of going into fast forward helicopter flight and giving you no surprises doing it .

If you can fly a 450 or a 500 size bird with confidence you can easily fly this V-22 as the onboard controller does all the difficult stuff for you and it feels not much different than these single rotor birds .

I can hardly wait for the weather to clear and continue to trim out the conversion degree gyro gain settings and see what she will do in fast airplane mode .

The only problem you will have with this bird will be the pilot ... you will want to stop flying and watch the bird !!!!!! and it does need attention like any helicopter while flying :)

The service I have received from Tom is out of this hobby world .. the phone calls and days and even nights on MSN messenger to work out "my" problem areas is a real testimony to how much he really cares about you and if you get your bird flying and flying right .He doesn't want to just get your money and leave you with no support like I have seen a few do in the past ... he is in it for the long run and wants happy customers so that the company grows and it can do more amazing things with this V and other VTOL projects that I know are running through his mind and ours !!!!

If anyone is leaning on the fence trying to decide to buy or not ,,,, go ahead and do it as you will not be sorry .. this kit is well engineered and well thought out and well tested .. and well worth the money ,, .

Tom as a full time Bell Textron engineer has done his homework very well and this is an easy flying tandem /tilt rotor helicopter for the complicated model it is modeled after
Posted By: Larry Chapman
Old guy been flying helis since 1971 , love anything VTOL ... am a maintenance tech at a little college in Notre Dame , Indiana, Goshen , IN
My V22 is now finished and maiden. 5 flights now, setting up gyros and
getting some confidence. Each flight is a pleasure !
Put some vids on youtube (hotelbravo13)
Posted By: Daniel Praplan

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